Rethinking Work-Life Balance for Women of Color – And how white women got it in the first place…by #KimberlyAllers

This article spoke to me in all types of ways.  This is true gospel and how women of color have been framed and feeling for years.  This is a must read!!!


Rethinking Work-Life Balance for Women of Color And how white women got it in the first place by Kimberly Seal Allers


“White women had money but wanted more time. Black and brown women needed more money. The limited ability of our men to find work that could solely sustain a family is a documented phenomenon and the subject of many a research papers, therefore our role as economic providers was critical for our family stability. In that regard, our personal value system as mothers was created around providing financially—not necessarily by the measure of “time spent.” We took pride in seeing our children in new shoes, clean clothes or with fresh toys and books and we developed community mothering models with extended family members and other care-givers who gave “time” to our children. The money earned from work was our gateway to getting our children into good schools, having swimming or music lessons, and other experiences that would give them cultural and educational opportunities—things that white families could easily access. This was our pride and focus. This was our value system for mothering. Our matrix also included a trade off of time spent now for the chance of greater opportunities for our children later.”  – Kimberly Seals Allers




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