July/August 2016: African American Mentions, News, and Articles of Interest

Malcolm X was invited back to London by the African Society to address a large audience in the Old Theatre at the London School of Economics. In both addresses, Malcolm X moved the political discourse from civil rights to human rights and stated clearly and unequivocally that the Black liberation struggle had to be internationalized rather than ghettoized….

Plans, Goals, Dreams… Reality

Originally posted on Jason's Journal:
Last night I watched a documentary on O.J. Simpson, it’s actually really good by the way; it’s called O.J. Made In America. When anyone in my generation thinks of O.J. Simpson, they automatically think of the trial of the century, when he was put on trial in criminal court…

All We Ever Did Was Be Black

Originally posted on A Brown Belle Exchange:
? ? Written By Robyn Jasmine for A Brown Belle Exchange The last 72 hours have been exhausting to say the least. The country that we live in has been in an uproar (once again) due to the  slaughter of Black Men. I used the word slaughter, because…

I was a Child Thief…Until being Arrested Scared me Straight

My Life, the short Version My home life wasn’t good growing up.  I didn’t have any father figures or mentors and my mom was never mentally healthy enough to teach me things about life and what I should do or don’t do in the world.  We moved around a lot because we was always getting…