The Sherlock Holmes of Black History: Arturo A. Schomburg

Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, Afro-Latino, the Sherlock Holmes of Black History. (January 24, 1874-June 8, 1938) A bibliophile, collector, writer, and a key intellectual figure in the Harlem Renaissance. Born in Puerto Rico in 1874, to a mother of Danish West Indian origin and a father of German ancestry, Schomburg moved to New York in 1891….

From Harlem to Bronx: African American Migration History Detailed in Online Archive

This is great information for all to relive and share.  According to Professor Mark Naison, there were “unusual mixes of people” and their stories are now here and being told through this online archive.  Congratulations on your work, Professor Mark Naison!!! – AcademicHustler1975 The interview collection, now housed in Fordham libraries, documents the mass migration…