November – December 2017: African American Mentions, News, and Articles of Interest

#BlackBoyJoy: Hazim Hardeman, 1st Rhodes Scholar from Temple University.  Hardeman grew up at 23rd and Diamond, just blocks from Temple’s campus. The university always seemed like “another world.” He dreamed of crossing the barrier. Link to Article: #BlackGirlMagic: Candice Marshall – one of 11 students in the industrial and computational mathematics program at Morgan State University in…

Part I: Amy Jacques Garvey: Jamaican Roots, Education, and the Politics of Love

Amy Jacques–Garvey (1895 – 1973)  Most writers on Garveyism focus exclusively on Marcus, reducing Amy to the role of “helpmate.” Like many women with famous mates, Amy Jacques Garvey was an extraordinary woman whose accomplishments were subsumed by those of her husband. Marcus was cognizant of Amy’s invaluable talents and co-opted them for “his” work….