When is it OKAY for a Black Man to Call a Black Woman a N@GGER/N@GGA…especially in front of Wypipo??!!

I say, Never! But that happened on this app called, Clubhouse yesterday. I have been on the app through my IPad since December 2020 and now it’s pretty much open to everyone with a cellphone, tablet or a computer (I think). There’s a “Black Clubhouse” now within the app with many conversations, shouting matches, debates, and doxing.

So last night there was a small room filled with Black folks and this white man (The Mr. E) that is in a relationship with a semi-famous Black woman called, Pink Pill. She does sessions on YouTube for Black woman that are considering dating outside of their race, personal coaching, college resources, and business informational. She has been holding rooms on divesting for Black woman on Clubhouse as well. And of course, the Black men, Pickmeishas, and other Black woman don’t agree with her rhetoric. But, she has a following…for over 10 years.

During the Clubhouse room her man was asked, why does he date Black women? He apparently answered and a Black man shouted out, “So, you’re a “N@gga Lover?” The white man said, “Yes, I am a N@gga Lover.

Update: The white male was asked, What would your family say about you dating black women (or a black woman)? Someone named Justin yelled out, “Nigger Lover” as though that would be the response and the white man said, “Yes, I am a N@gga Lover.”


Black Clubhouse went after him, Pink Pill and started a dozen spin-off rooms because this white man said the N-word. Black Clubhouse decided to focus on the white man. He shouldn’t have said it, repeated it or falling into the trap to get into a confrontation with that person. He could have cursed him out, left the room or be quiet. But this white man repeated the words and Black people came after him…as they should.


But no Black man went after the Black man who called a Black woman the N-word????!!! The focus was on Pink Pill and her white partner. Until a few people decided to unpack the situation and decide that the Black man who shouted that question started the fire. That he was comfortable asking this white man a question that derogatory question.

So you’re a N@gga Lover?

What are the implications for this Black man? To be comfortable telling her white mate, Black people on stage and in the audience that Pink Pill is a n@gga.

“Are Black women that decided to date outside of their race moved to a level of name-calling that should be acceptable in the Black community? If so, why??!! Do Black men have the “authority” to name Black women with slurs such as that one just because that word was reinvented by us?”

Some rooms decided to speak on the Black man (Julius Stacks?) to highlight how other Black man needed to hold this man in check. Focusing on the white man doesn’t negate the fact that a Black man (once again) decided to add another name to a Black woman in a negative light – in front of a white man.

We need to reevaluate the word n@gga and how we have accepted it as our norm. Because we seem to be comfortable saying it around each other – and around THEM as well. We are comfortable asking THEM questions using the word, n@gga. That’s what we need to understand. This Black man was comfortable calling a Black woman a n@gga and asking a white person a question with n@gga in it. That suggested to the white man that it was OK to repeat it, or include it in this response.

So, when it is ever OKAY for a Black man to call a Black woman a n@gga???!!! And certainly it’s not OKAY to ask a white person if they are a N@gga Lover. The political invisibility of Black women and girls is consistent, horrific, and exhausting. This circumstance pits Black women against Black men once again. The supposedly Black “leaders” of the community that still can’t unpack their own harmful rhetoric against Black women and girls.

Never! So, now Black Clubhouse is spinning their own stories and this topic will continue to be unpacked over the next few days. And people wonder why I stay in the audience…because many of the people that make up Black Clubhouse don’t want to commune, collaborate, connect or THINK AGAIN.


  • My own experience on Clubhouse
  • “Dr. B” aka Auntie B from The Barrio Club
  • “Kimberly” from Kimberly Cutz Up Club
  • “Makeup by KP” from The Night Cap Club

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