When HER Fairytales Collided into the Streets of Philly

When HER Fairytales Collided into the Streets of Philly


I was the one that dreamed about fairy-tales…because my reality was far harsher than Snow White eating the poisoned apple. I dreamed of that white knight in shining armor to whisk me away to a beautiful house, 2.5 kids, and a small dog. Surrounded by drugs, prostitutes, concrete, and crabs I continually saw my future and it was very bleak, but I continued to dream. Because that was the only thing the streets of Philly couldn’t take from me…my imagination. But it wasn’t enough because you get a dose of reality each and every day as the crabs pull you to their level and crush your dreams, your desires, and your spirit. So I continued to suffer in those streets during the day and provide my heart with nightly thoughts of a life filled with expectations and hope.  

A little black girl with nothing that was her own, but a empty forecast of her life.  She didn’t have a plan and hoped that her future husband would guide them and teach her…but thirty years later she is single with an adult child, and memories of a little girl that begged to be important and lovable.  Looking at the memories of this little girl and her journey, she deserved everything and more.  Just would have been nice if the world treated her like her dreams did…as a beautiful creature that has a vivid imagination that transfer over to a life filled with the desires she craved as a child.  That she wasn’t blue-eyed, blonde, and privileged but a black girl willing to show and prove that she was special, continually duplicated, and a threat to those that will never understand…little black girls that turn into black women with accomplishments and resilience. That #BlackGirlMagic. – AcademicHustler


To follow additional poetry, spoken word, and prose, please go to @academichustler on Instagram.  I try to write a little something every day with images as my inspiration.  Some will be NSFW, so be prepared.  I hope you enjoyed this.

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