My Legacy…I’m Sorry

#AcademicHustler: My daughter…The love of my life. The one I sacrificed for in many ways. She will have a hard road ahead of her over the next few years and beyond. The love of my life will continue to be burdened as a woman and as a black person. Her future husband will continue to be systematically profiled (legally) and he will be stay tagged as a brute, angry, savage, and unintelligent. Her future kids (boys and girls) will be misguided by the educational laws that these kids are dysfunctional, stupid, and criminally guided. My daughter…my future…my legacy.

I’m sorry, I wish I could consume the future pains you will experience. I will battle behind you in secret and continue to guide you and whisper was strategies, but my hope is that you become stronger in your anger and lead many with the same power I am bestowing on you as a black woman. You are magical, brilliant, resilient, and gifted. Don’t let anyone tell you the opposite. I see what I wanted to be as a young lady in you. You have become my role model and I am your biggest fan. This country wasn’t made for someone so strong, yet we need you. My daughter…the love of my life. You are my future and I am guiding you through my past. – AcademicHustler (kpr)





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