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#BlackLivesMatter motto started many years ago and lots of people realize it’s deeper than the past five years….

Jason's Journal

Last night I watched a documentary on O.J. Simpson, it’s actually really good by the way; it’s called O.J. Made In America. When anyone in my generation thinks of O.J. Simpson, they automatically think of the trial of the century, when he was put on trial in criminal court for killing his wife Nicole Brown and her friend Rob Goldman. But, the documentary showed so much more than that as it focused on O.J.’s life in the media, race relations in Los Angeles during the 60’s and 70’s, true stories of O.J.’s close friends from his childhood, O.J.’s life after the trial, and so much more.

What I learned from it all, is that every story has another story behind it. And, to truly understand that story you need to know the history behind it. It made me think about things going on in today’s society like the #Blacklivesmatter…

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