Social Media Shaming: Grow Up!!

It’s bad enough when you experience it as a child in the 70s/80s, but to experience it as a grown woman in the Era of Social Media is quite different.  I am very grateful for not having technology around as I was growing up because I honestly wouldn’t be here.  For some kids, teens, and adults suicide has been the answer to stop from being shamed, talked about, or abused by their peers.  So many are quick to pull out their cameras and detail every second of your humiliation….for a few laughs only to turn into thousands of shares on Facebook or Tumblr.  For the bullying and shaming I suffered as a kid, it took me years to overcome and sometimes those insecurities come back…because I see someone that was just like me.  Insecure, quiet, awkward, and poor.  A girl that’s just trying to understand the basics of who she is and what’s her role in this world.  Shaming another for likes, cheers, and your 15 minutes of fame will only harm you in the end.  See what the future holds for someone that believes in bullying.  After a while you become alone, because you behavior will not be tolerated….it will be shamed as well. – #AcademicHustler1975



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  1. Hey sister,
    my brother Todd Ballard (Graterford Prison) said that you spoke with him, he wants your contact information so he can ask you for some assistance with his case. my contact email is…cell number 412-452-3563.

    Thank You


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