Sandra Bland’s Death: No Indictments in 2015…One Indictment in 2016


Update on January 6, 2016 per the New York Times:

The state trooper who arrested Sandra Bland, the Chicago-area woman who three days later was found hanged in her cell at the Waller County jail, was indicted on a perjury charge, a special prosecutor said here Wednesday.

The charge against the Texas state trooper, Brian T. Encinia, is a Class A misdemeanor, and was announced at the end of a day of grand jury deliberations. The charge carries a possible penalty of one year in jail and a $4,000 fine, prosecutors said.



This upsets me so much because again our black women became invisible because of the law. Political Invisibility rears its ugly head against black American women once again.  According to Angela Mae Kupenda, black women’s status belongs to two minority classes….being black and being a woman. But there’s a lack of attention or recognition of certain issues facing black women. They are so unexplored that they are rendered mute, therefore detrimental to the group. Black women’s inability to alter the harmful threats facing the group because it lacks political influence, support, and recognition necessary to create change is political invisibility. Now I ask, what about our black women? When do they come first?  – AcademicHustler1975


A federal judge has set a 2017 trial date for a wrongful death suit filed by Bland’s family.

Unfortunately, a Texas grand jury on Monday declined to indict anyone in connection with the July arrest and subsequent death of Sandra Bland.

Bland, 28, was pulled over by police in Waller County, Texas, for failing to signal a lane change. A confrontation between Bland and the officers followed. She was arrested and taken to the county jail where three days later she was found dead in her cell. Bland’s death was ruled a suicide, although family members and activists challenged that conclusion.

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