Intimidation, Sexual Abuse, and Cover-up within a Florida Women’s Prison

We often forget that women are a part of the prison population, focusing on the abuse that happens to our man as stories of mass incarceration are displayed in books and the news. These women  tend to be abused while being silent by authority figures known as Correctional Officers. Some of the officers are given free reign by their superiors to do what they please because they are feared, and that’s a mistake. What comes out of that is the rape of female inmates, intimidation, abuse, and suspicious deaths. Great job, Julia K. Brown for exposing this secret!!!! – AcademicHustler1975


Latandra Ellington’s Story:

Though he’d been arrested twice — once forallegedly dealing steroids and again, on charges of beating a motorist in a fit of road rage — Quercioli managed to persuade the Florida Department of Corrections to hire him in 2004.

P.risoners say Sgt. Q, as he was known, was among the most menacing officers at Lowell Correctional Institution for women, a man whose patience was not to be tested. But on Sept. 21, 2014, one inmate dared to do just that, after seeing something she wasn’t supposed to see: Quercioli allegedly having sex with an inmate in C Dorm, in a rear bathroom behind the officers’ station.

Disgusted, the inmate — Latandra Ellington — vowed to report it, even though, according to her, Quercioli threatened to kill her if she didn’t keep her mouth shut.

After a confrontation with the officer, she wrote letters to her aunt, saying she feared for her life.

Days later, Ellington was found dead. A state autopsy report said she died of natural causes.

However, independent forensic pathologists said the autopsy failed to note a potentially lethal level of blood pressure medication in her system. 


Yvonne McBride’s Story:

Yvonne McBride was a physically healthy 26-year-old woman when she entered Lowell Correctional Institution for women June 20, 2013.

The Florida Department of Corrections noted in its exam of McBride that, other than a bout of constipation and a history of depression, she was in good health. She had no fever, no cough, no chest pain or breathing problems. Her lungs and chest were clear, her heart was normal, her FDC medical records show.

But a month and four days later, McBride was dead.

For the multiple series on this prison, please follow the source link below. We need this story to be told and retold many more times.

Source Link: Julie K. Brown, Miami Herald

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