Extreme Case of Self-Induced “Abortion”

We need to do better for our women.  This is an extreme case of “abortion” and the rules and restrictions that ban us from getting and receiving proper help is not helping, but hurting us. – AcademicHustler1975


The infant faces a life attached to an oxygen tank, the Murfreesboro Post reported, because of the early birth and damage to his lungs, eyes and heart caused by the coat hanger. His mother is facing an indictment for first-degree attempted murder.

A study from the Texas Policy Evaluation Project conducted after the state passed legislation imposing stricter standards on abortion providers, which resulted in the closure of about 20 clinics, found that at least 100,000 Texas women have attempted a self-induced abortion, usually by taking hormonal pills, alcohol, illicit drugs, herbs or homeopathic remedies or by getting hit or punched in the abdomen.



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